Roger Bridgford

I, Roger Bridgford

- Past Vice President of the Victorian Canine Association Inc. a position I held for (8) years,
- Delegate to the Australian National Kennel Association for nine [9] years
- An All Breeds Dog Judge for thirty-nine [39] Years,
- Part owner of Taumac Kennels for the last 50 years,

Have been using Serendipity Dog Beds and the covers for the last known six years. Serendipity Dog Beds & Covers, of 21 Borang Avenue, Mt Evelyn, has supplied all our Dog Beds and covers since our first purchase about six (6) years ago. During this period I have always known Trish Bellerby propriety of Serendipity Dog Beds & Covers to be an honest, trustworthy and reliable person.
Even though Serendipity provides a Lifetime Guarantee on the frames of the beds, we have not had to use their guarantee, as we have never had a broken frame. From our experience the Covers are much easier to remove and clean then any other type of cover we have previously used, the Covers are ideal for both inside and outside use.
When selling our Golden Retriever Puppies we always recommend to the purchaser to buy Serendipity Beds & Covers for their new puppie. From our experience the Serendipity Covers do not have any adverse affect on our Golden Retriever coats.Trish Bellerby of Serendipity Dog Beds & Covers have always been very obliging and have provided a reliable service.

Roger Bridgford
Proprietor Taumac Kennels for Golden Retrivers
President Golden Retrivers Club of Vic Inc
Past Vice President of the Victorian Canine Association Inc
Delegate to the Australian National Kennel Association
All Breeds Judge

Dr R J Levey B.V.Sc

My dog Pluto is a happy Doberman who loves to dig holes in his bed before he settles down to sleep.
His bed used to be hessian suspended on a steel frame, resulting in his cover being replaced every 4-6 weeks due to his digging.
His last replacement was 12 months ago when we used a tailor made Serendipity Bed instead.
Despite Pluto’s best efforts, the bed is unmarked and we can remove and wash it as required.
I would never use hessian again and highly recommend these beds.

Raphael Mastaing

My two dogs have had Serendipity Beds for two years now.
Prior to this my dogs had hessian covers. I had to replace the covers on a regular basis, especially when our second dog was a puppy and she chewed through the hessian!
The Serendipity Covers have been well worth the extra initial dolloars. I have not had to replace the covers yet as they do not sag or smell.
They are easily removed and washed to retain their quality.
As a pet shop owner, dog trainer and dog lover, I highly recommend Serendipity Dog Beds to any dog!
PS. The dogs love them too!”

Christine Elliott – Xiaolin Shar Pei

Dear Trish, I wanted to write to tell you how pleased the dogs and I are with the new covers. They fit perfectly, the colour is terrific and they wash and dry so well. I know that they will last for years like the last ones.
The are great for the puppies – strong enough to hold 5 or 6 puppies and Mum.
When the babies go to their new homes, you should expect a call from their new owners as your products is so good, I now include a pamphlet in my ‘Puppy Notes’.
Best wishes,
Christine Elliott – Xiaolin Shar Pei


Dog Breed:      Dalmatian
I cannot recommend “Serendipity Dog Beds” more highly. In 14 years, I have purchased two of these beds, finding that each has survived the rough treatment of my Dalmatians. Their durability cannot be matched, and they withstand regular washing.

Cindy Phillips

Dog Age:      6
Dog Breed:      Mastiff Cross
I spoke with Donna from Serendipity Dogs who made the purchase of buying a new dog bed very easy. Nothing was too hard and the turnaround after payment was very fast and efficient. Having a large mastiff cross can be hard to buy for given her size, however their bed frames are certainly generous in size which allows more room for our big girl to spread out on. I asked them to custom made the cover for her existing cushion and it fitted perfectly. The quality of the product speaks for itself, very happy with our Abby girl’s dog bed who jumped on her bed within minutes of it arriving. Abby certainly lifted her paw with excitement and woofs a commendable 5 star rating to Serendipity Dog Beds!


Dog Age: 2 & 3
Dog Breed: Lab Cross x 2
Have been using Trish’s beds for 12 years. They wash well, dry quickly, wear very well and look smart. Best of all – The Dogs Love Them!!
Had some covers made for existing cushion beds and they are better than the originals. Prompt, helpful service. Couldn’t be happier.
Thank you.

Merril Bolton

Dog Age:  8 and 7
Dog Breed:  Staffordshire
We have been using the Serendipity dog beds for 10 years+. They are the best! Staffies are rather rough with their bedding and toys and we find that they love the dog beds and they last for 2+ years. A great product.

Deb Hamilton

Dog Age: 13
Dog Breed: Labrador
I bought my Serendipity dog bed for my gorgeous Labrador Buzzbe, 12 years ago. She LOVES her bed and it has been slept on constantly. Now Buzzbe has a new friend – Kya (a staffy) and she has had to relinquish her bed often. They share it and take turns. We have now bought Kya her own Serendipity bed so they don’t have to take turns.
Thank you so much for a terrific product. The frame has been knocked about and still looks brand new and I love that I can easily remove the hammock cover and wash it.
Thank you again for providing a high quality product at a very good price.

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