Cushions for Dogs


No dog bed is complete without a comfortable cushion. That’s why, at Serendipity Dog Beds, we strive to produce superior quality cushion covers and cushions for dogs. All of our cushions and covers are constructed to provide functionality and comfort for your dog. Choosing the right dog pillows has never been so easy.

At Serendipity Dog Beds we construct our cushions from durable industrial gabardine and multi-layer quilt. We use industrial gabardine due to its extreme strength, easy maintenance and its level of flexibility. It’s neither rigid nor fully flexible making it the perfect material for a sturdy yet comfortable cushion. We also produce custom cushions covers for those customers who have dog beds that differ in size from the five that we have available.

Each of our cushion covers has long-lasting zips that are strong enough to withstand chewing and biting, protecting the quilts inside. Our multi-layer quilts come in two pieces that fold into three creating excellent cushions for dogs. They are fully removable and can be cleaned and dried with ease. If you require attachable dog pillows, our cover with straps is for you. These covers feature four corner straps that allow for easy attachment to your dog frame.

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At Serendipity Dog Beds we produce:

  • Dog pillows that are available in in five sizes
  • Custom cushion covers
  • Attachable cushions with straps to hook onto your hammock frame
  • Cushions come in five sizes
  • Cushions can come with straps to hook onto your hammock frame

If you’d like to purchase cushions, covers or frames from Serendipity Dog Beds you can e-mail us at, call us on 0413 525 323, or visit our eBay store