Dog Bed Covers


Serendipity Dog Beds has been producing excellent dog bed covers for over 10 years. What started as a home project has grown quite significantly over the years. We now produce high quantities of beds, covers and cushions for a large client base that includes vets and kennels.

All of our dog bed covers are constructed from premium quality industrial gabardine. Invented in 1879, gabardine is a tightly woven fabric that is incredibly strong and long-lasting. Gabardine’s tight weave is naturally flea-resistant as the fabric presents an unsuitable environment for breeding. They are fully machine washable and dry quickly for easy maintenance and hygiene.

You can purchase our dog bed covers in one of five available sizes or request a custom-made cover to fit your current frame. Simply supply us with the appropriate measurements and we can construct a durable gabardine cover that will stand the test of time. We also produce quilted inserts that can be easily popped inside your cover for extra comfort.

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Our dog bed covers are:

  • Constructed from industrial gabardine
  • Available in custom sizes for any brand of hammock frame ($5 surcharge applies)
  • Guaranteed to last at least one year if you get two months out of your hessian sack
  • Customised covers for any brand of hammock frame
  • Follow our how-to-measure guide for your dog bed
  • If you get two months out of your hessian sack, you’ll get minimum one year out of our cover
  • A $5 surcharge applies for custom covers

To purchase bed covers, bed frames or cushions call us on 0413 525 323, email us at, or visit our eBay store