Dog Bed Frames


At Serendipity Dog Beds, we produce high quality, long-lasting, dog bed frames. All of our frames are constructed from durable galvanised steel tubing. Galvanised steel tubing comprises of steel that has been coated in a layer of zinc to prevent rusting. Steel is used for its advantageous properties including strength and durability. This makes your bed dog frame suitable for outside use and extends its life quite significantly. For a frame that both you and your pet will love, choose Serendipity Dog Beds.

Our frames are available in five different sizes, catering to all kinds of dogs, both big and small. Whether you have a Pomeranian, a Great Dane, or any dog in between, Serendipity Dog Beds has the frame for you.

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All of our dog bed frames are:

  • Australian made
  • Of the highest quality
  • Long-lasting – you’ll only need to buy one frame for the lifetime of your dog
  • Compatible with our covers and cushions
  • Australian made and excellent quality
  • You’ll only need to buy one frame for the lifetime of your dog
  • Replacement covers readily available

Dog bed frames from Serendipity Dog Beds are available for purchases at affordable prices that guarantee good value for your money. You can purchase a dog bed frame, cover or cushion by e-mailing us at, calling us on 0413 525 323, or visiting our eBay store