Pet Beds for Cats


Does your cat need a new bed? At Serendipity Dog Beds we produce frames, covers and cushions in small sizes that make perfect pet beds for cats. All of our products are made to the highest standard for excellent performance and long-lasting quality. For a cat bed that will stand the test of time, choose Serendipity Dog Beds.

Our pet beds for cats are constructed from galvanised steel tubing, industrial gabardine and multi-layer quilting. They are designed for use both inside and out, providing a comfortable place for your cat to rest. Industrial gabardine is used for its strength, while galvanised steel prevents rusting from occurring on the frame. These factors give our pet beds for cats a long life-span.

The multi-layer quilts are extremely comfortable and fully removable allowing for convenient cleaning and the maintenance of hygiene.

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Serendipity Dog Beds produce pet beds for cats that:

  • Are constructed from galvanised steel tubing, multi-layer quilting and industrial gabardine
  • Measure 65cm x 55cm

You can purchase bed frames, covers and cushions via email, from our eBay store, or by calling us on 0413 525 323