Our products

Customised Serendipity Dog Bed Covers

  • Customised covers for any brand of hammock frame.
  • Follow our how-to-measure guide for your dog bed.
  • If you get two months out of your hessian sack, you’ll get minimum one year out of our cover.
  • A $5 surcharge applies for custom covers

Serendipity Hammock Frame

  • Australian made and excellent quality
  • You’ll only need to buy one frame for the lifetime of your dog.
  • Replacement covers readily available.

Serendipity Dog Cushions

  • Cushions come in five sizes
  • Cushions can come with straps to hook onto your hammock frame
  • Made to fit cars, dog trailers and kennels

Sleeping bags for cats and dogs

  • Cushions for incontinent dogs now available
  • Cushions can also have rings at corners to anchor in kernnels