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Serendipity Dog Beds has been providing dog pet beds in Australia for the past 17 years. This extensive experience and our large client base is a testament to the quality and reliability of our products. We construct our dog beds from premium frames, durable covers and comfortable cushions. When combined, these elements make for the best dog beds available. Buy dog beds online today from Serendipity – give your dog the rest they deserve.

All of our bed frames are made from a robust 1.6mm thick galvanised steel tubing. We use galvanised steel for its strength and anti-rusting properties, both of which make for a frame that will last a lifetime. Suitable for outside and inside use, our frames are versatile and multi-functional. Additionally, each frame comes with a 15 year guarantee against any defects.

The covers and cushions covers that we produce for our dog pet beds are constructed from industrial gabardine. This fabric has a very tight weave that promotes stability and flexibility at the same time. This provides comfort and support for your dog with no pressure points making the beds perfect for injured or post-surgery pets. All covers are easily removable and machine washable for the maintenance of hygiene and an extended fabric life. We can also produce custom-sized covers for your existing dog frame.

For hammock dog beds that are supremely comfortable and extremely durable, choose Serendipity Dog Beds. Contributing to this high level of comfort is our optional duel-layer quilted inserts. They come in five sizes to suit our hammock dog bed covers and can be inserted into the hammock  cover for extra comfort and warmth.

At Serendipity, we produce the best dog beds in Australia available at value for money  prices. You can purchase our hammock dog beds via email, from our eBay store, or by calling us on 0413 525 323.


  • 15 year guarantee on galvanised welded 1.6mm steel frame.
  • 12 month guarantee on zipper & all stitching (excluding excessive chewing & scratching).
  • 5 year guarantee on cushions & cushion covers for dogs over 18 months old & past the possible/probable puppy destructive stage. NOTHING IS PUPPY PROOF.

You can purchase a Dog Bed or Cover from us by email: or call us on 0413 525 323, or you can visit our ebay store:

Featured Products

Customised Serendipity Dog Bed Covers

  • Customised covers for any brand of hammock frame.
  • Follow our how-to-measure guide for your dog bed.
  • If you get two months out of your hessian sack, you’ll get minimum one year out of our cover.
  • A $5 surcharge applies for custom covers

Serendipity Hammock Frame

  • Australian made and excellent quality
  • You’ll only need to buy one frame for the lifetime of your dog.
  • Replacement covers readily available.

Serendipity Dog Cushions

  • Cushions come in five sizes
  • Cushions can come with straps to hook onto your hammock frame
  • Made to fit cars, dog trailers and kennels